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Privacy Policy

Effective as of February 14th, 2018

This Privacy Policy lays out our policy concerning the collection, use, disclosure, and transfer of your information by Wealth Dragons, which operates the website of the same name, mobile applications for iTunes and other services including but not limited to delivery of content through the site, any mobile, or internet connected device or otherwise. This Privacy Policy forms part and parcel of the Terms of Use for Wealth Dragons. Capitalized terms which are undefined in this policy, shall possess the same meaning attributed to them in Terms of Use.

It is important that you review this policy from time to time, as it can change at our discretion. By signing up for the 30 Day Free Access or full paid monthly subscription - whether through the Wealth Dragons website or the iTunes mobile app - you consent to the collection, storage, and use of the personal information provided by you (including any changes to this information that you provide in the future) for any of the services that we provide.

Wealth Dragons takes the privacy of all its users seriously, and we are dedicated to taking reasonable measures to safeguard this information. Information collected by Wealth Dragons concerning our users consists of both information provided by our users and information received by tracking user's activity on our site or mobile app. Both of these sources of information shall be collectively termed information from here on out.

User-Supplied Information

To access services on Wealth Dragons, users must input various personal information during the process of registering. These can include name, sex, age, email address, billing address, location, a PIN code, credit or debit card information, sexual orientation, desired password, occupation, hobbies and even a secret question for password recovery. This information is necessary for Wealth Dragons to continue enhancing our service, to set up an account that can be easily recognised for each individual user and other reasons.

The information elicited from its users is service dependent, and Wealth Dragons may use the user Information covered above in its efforts to maintain, protect, and improve Wealth Dragons and to add new services. You also agree that we may use your email address or other personally identifiable information to send commercial or marketing messages without your consent [with an option to subscribe/unsubscribe (where feasible)]. We may always use your email address without additional consent, however, to send you messages of a non-marketing, administrative nature. These include, but are not limited to, alerting you to significant changes in the service, contacting you to carry out customer services, billing, and so on.

Information which is openly available and/or accessible in the public domain that is personal in nature, won't be classified by us as sensitive. In addition, all communications provided or posted by the user on open areas of our site or app will be considered published content and does not fall under the protection of this Privacy Policy.

In the instance where you do not wish to give certain personal information to Wealth Dragons, it may not be possible for us to provide certain services on the site or mobile app. During the account opening process, if that is the case, we will make a reasonable effort to alert you to this fact. Regardless whether we successfully notify you or not, we will have no responsibility or liability if you are denied certain services, due to not providing us with the required personal information.

Once registered with Wealth Dragons, we may contact you periodically to ensure your personal information is current and accurate and to offer additional features that may be of interest to you.

Automatic Tracking of Information During Navigation

The Use of Cookies

We may choose to use cookies or other means of this type, to collect information tracking user habits on our site or mobile app. This information is not personally identifiable, as each user is assigned a random number (User ID) that is not tied to your account or information. This anonymous tracking helps us to know your individual interests better when using your particular device (computer, tablet, smartphone or other). Even when a cookie is used, and a User ID is assigned to your device, this is anonymous unless you decide to identify yourself to us in some way. Our cookie consists of personal information that you provide. It is incapable of pulling data from your hard drive. Our partners or advertisers may also choose to use their own cookies if you click on their links or ads, and our Privacy Policy does not cover the use of your information on third-party sites, even if they are accessed from Wealth Dragons website or mobile app.

Log File Information

The collection and collation of a limited amount of information concerning your device's internet connection (such as IP address), is collected automatically by our servers. This is necessary for our servers to communicate with your device, and is standard practice when surfing online or using the mobile. We also receive and log information from your web browser automatically. This includes items such as the name of your device, IP address, operating system, the browser you are using and what version, the speed of your CPU, the speed of your internet connection.

Device log information may also be accrued and collected by us, which could be items such as your geographic location, device name, serial number, or other IDs of your device, operating system, browser type, and version, the speed of connection to the internet, CPU speed, and more.

Clear GIFs

Employing clear GIFs or Web Beacons in order to track user's usage patterns anonymously may be carried out at our discretion. We may also choose to use these clear GIFs in emails that are based on HTML. This allows us to see if the email has been opened.

The information collected using this type of tool is employed to better customise our website or app to our users' interests. It is also used to track traffic, enhance the quality, and function of the site and mobile, improve the interactive experience, and provide advertisers with geographical data about our user base.

Information Collected From Other Sources

It is within our purview to collect or receive information (personal and otherwise) about you from other sources. We will combine this with the information we already possess, and it will fall under the umbrella of this Privacy Policy. If you choose to give information to one of our partners or the platform provider, both account and order information may be provided to us. We also may choose to check the accuracy of your contact information using third parties, in order to better communicate or deliver services to you.

Demographic and Purchase Information

We at our discretion, may choose to consult various sources for demographic or other information, for the purpose of delivering communications or promotions that are more targeted. This may include the use of Google Analytics, which we may employ to track how our users behave on our site or mobile app. This tool provides support for on-page advertising, which can help us better understand the demographics and interests of our users. The reports generated by Google Analytics are anonymous and are disconnected from any individual, personally identifiable information you have provided to us. You can choose to opt-out of this type of anonymous information gathering by Google Analytics for Display Advertising, by changing the Ads Settings in your browser.

Links To Third-Parties and Ad Servers

Our Wealth Dragons site or mobile app may display links to other websites, and these have their own privacy policies which govern how they deal with your information. We have no say over the policy of third-party sites such as these, and after leaving our servers, you will be subject to the privacy policy of the other site you are visiting. You must determine if that other site's privacy policy is acceptable to you, and it is not under our purview.

Information we give to our advertisers is for the purpose of allowing them to analyse better and understand our audience and validate the value that advertising on our site or mobile app provides them. The information shared is typically compiled statistics concerning traffic and patterns.

We may employ third-party advertising companies to display ads to you when on our website or app pages. These third-party companies may target advertisements directly to you, using personally identifiable information such as your address, email address, name, telephone number, and more.

Wealth Dragons will not give out any personally identifiable information to either advertisers, ad-servers, or third-party sites without first getting your consent, except for those circumstances covered below.

The Sharing of Your Information

Wealth Dragons will share your sensitive personal information without your consent, in certain situations. These circumstances include but aren't limited to:

1. When your information is asked for, or we are required by law, court, authority, or governmental agency to provide it. This information will be given in order to verify your identity or to detect, prevent, investigate, prosecute, or punish offenses, infractions or illegal activity. This includes cyber incidents. We make these types of disclosures in good faith to such parties as mentioned above, trusting their use of the information to enforce these Terms, applicable laws and regulations.

2. In the event that Wealth Dragons decides to share your information with other companies within its group of companies (if applicable) and the officers and employees of such group companies - in order for them to process your personal information on Wealth Dragons behalf. In this circumstance, all the information shared will be managed in accordance with and subject to this Privacy Policy, along with any other security or confidentiality steps deemed appropriate.

3. Providing your information to our advertisers, in order for them to more fully understand our audience and confirm how valuable advertising with us is for their purposes. Again, this is typically only compiled statistics concerning traffic on different pages on our site or our mobile app.

4. Sharing your information with third-party social websites, for the purpose of filling your social wall and making it seen by other visitors or users. You may have the option to decline this use of your information in the settings section of the site or app.

Accessibility and Updates of Your Personal Information

We do our best to provide you with access to your personal information whenever requested by you. We also do our utmost to correct your information, in order to ensure it is as accurate as possible, though this is subject to any requirement that this personal information is kept for legitimate business reasons or by law.

We request that individual users first identify themselves and the information being requested to be accessed, corrected or deleted. We reserve the right to decline such a request, if it will necessitate an undue amount of technical effort, infringe upon the privacy of others, is repetitive or systematic to an unreasonable degree, it would be exceedingly impractical or if such access is not otherwise required.

When and if we do extend access to your information or correction of it, this is offered without charge - unless undue effort is involved. Due to our methods of maintaining some services, your information may persist in our active servers for some time after you delete it, and it may stay in our backup systems indefinitely.

Security of Your Information

We take security seriously and have put suitable security measures in place to prevent unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure, or deletion of information. These measures include reviews (carried out internally) of our data collection, processing, and storage procedures, methods and security. This includes suitable physical security and cyber encryption, to prevent unauthorised access to the systems upon which we store your personal information.

Wealth Dragons uses a controlled database to securely store the information it gathers on its site, and mobile app (where applicable). This database is housed on servers that have a firewall, and access is protected by a password. This said, while we have taken reasonable measures to protect your information from security breaches, no security system is infallible. Therefore, we do not guarantee that our database will remain secure or that information you send to us over the internet or other means cannot be intercepteden route. We take no liability for the unauthorised access of your information, or any resulting damage, financial loss, or any other incident that occurs due to such an unauthorised dissemination of your information. Also, be aware that any information you voluntarily post in public areas of the site or mobile app, can be freely viewed by other parties with Internet access.

Due to the changing nature of the internet and cyber-security, we reserve the right to change, update, or otherwise alter this Privacy Policy at our discretion.

We may employ third-party advertising companies to display ads to you when on our website or mobile app. These third-party companies may target advertisements directly to you, using personally identifiable information such as your address, email address, name, telephone number, and more.

Changes or Updates to This Privacy Policy

Due to the changing nature of the internet and cyber-security, we reserve the right to change, update, or otherwise alter this Privacy Policy at our discretion. These may be enacted because of new technology, changes in applicable law or any other reason. No matter the reason for enacting such a change, we reserve the right to amend, remove or otherwise alter this Privacy Policy and/or our Terms of Use, either in part or in whole.

Any such changes will take effect immediately upon providing notice, and we may provide this notice simply by posting our new policy on our website or mobile app, with no further notification (such as by email or mail). By continuing to use Wealth Dragons service after such a notification has been published or posted, this constitutes an acceptance of this new Privacy Policy. Though we may not choose to do so, we may opt to send you an email letting you know of any change, at our sole discretion. Regardless, we advise you to review this Privacy Policy from time to time, so you are up-to-date about any recent changes and the latest version.

Questions or Complaints

If you have a question or complaint concerning our use of your information, please contact us at privacy@wealthdragons.com

Please include these details in your question or complaint, so that we may better serve you and address any issue:

- A concise explanation of the nature of the information, and whether it was personal or sensitive in any way and what details it covered.

- Your current address, phone number and/or email address.

- A statement that you have reason to believe that your information has been handled incorrectly or disclosed improperly.

- A statement that the information in your communication is correct to the best of your knowledge and the suspected mishandling is of your own information not a third-party.

We also welcome questions or comments concerning this Privacy Policy, which may help us to improve future iterations. Please remit these to the above address, and we will do our best to review them and provide feedback or a response where appropriate.