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vladimir raykov

Create and sell online courses to generate income.

Vladimir Raykov works as a Marketing Manager for Polar Ideas, an innovative and highly developing software solution provider. He is also an online instructor who teaches beginner entrepreneurs to build successful, online businesses. Vladimir helps people turn their knowledge and expertise into online courses that generate residual income on a monthly basis.

Vladimir teaches a simple but highly effective business model, based on the theory that the online courses you produce are your products and the students you attract are your customers. Therefore, the more high-quality products you create, the more customers you attract and the more profitable your online business will ultimately be. Vladimir focuses on helping his students to generate the fastest possible results. He teaches students from a vast array of backgrounds, including complete beginners in the online business world; non-fiction, eBook authors looking for ways to generate additional revenue and bloggers looking for new ways to monetise their blogs.
As an online instructor, Vladimir has taught well over 50,000 students all over the world. He has sold tens of thousands of digital information products and believes that creating and selling information products are the most critical skills that any would-be entrepreneurs have to master.
In addition to a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Veliko Tarnovo University in Bulgaria, Vladimir has successfully completed Master's level courses in Entrepreneurship and Knowledge at the Copenhagen Business School. One of his deepest passions is leadership and he is also certified by Case Western Reserve University on Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence.
Vladimir's highest priorities in life are his family and friends. He is a strong advocate for online teaching and learning, which he believes are the new currency of the future.

For more information, visit www.vladimirraykov.com.