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Negotiate To Win In Property By Vincent Wong

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Motivated Sellers In Property

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Strategies For Property Wealth

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Born to hard-working, Chinese parents who settled in Liverpool and opened a restaurant, Vincent learnt from a young age that everyone is responsible for their own destiny. After gaining a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of London, Vincent went on to study an MBA in Business Administration at Cass Business School, one of the UK's top business schools. He bought his first property in 1997 to live in and sold it a year later, in order to get himself started in the business, earning a £40,000 profit.

Since then, he has amassed his own, multi-million-pound property portfolio and helped countless people source and structure-property deals through his various companies. At the height of the financial crisis, Vincent pioneered several, ground-breaking, financing strategies, including Lease Options, which he was responsible for getting legalised for property sales in the UK, Malaysia and the Netherlands.

He personally mentors several property investors and business owners and is an internationally recognised public speaker and property expert. He is regularly invited to speak at the prestigious Property Outlook Conference in Kuala Lumpur (Asia's largest property conference, which attracts 1000+ delegates).

Vincent lives in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, with his wife Annika and two, young children.

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