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Tony Messer is the co-founder and CEO of the UK web hosting company, Pickaweb. Having worked with thousands of businesses, ecommerce retailers and startups, Tony is extremely well placed to advise on what it takes to grow an online business.

Tony is based on London, UK, and has been the CEO of Pickaweb for over fifteen years.
Having graduated from the University of Teeside in 1995, with a degree in International Business and Information Technology, Tony began his career in Project Management, working for global companies such as Bull Information Systems and ICL Fujitsu where he was responsible for the negotiation and implementation of complex, international IT services contracts.

In 2002, Tony founded his own business, Pickaweb, a company that specialises in offering affordable web hosting, domain name registration and servers. Pickaweb offers clients everything they need to get their websites up and running, from shared hosting, virtual servers and dedicated hosting.

Tony is a regular contributor to 'Entrepreneur' and the 'Business and Search Engine Journal'. He is passionate about Content Marketing and helping businesses to grow their online presence within highly competitive markets.

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