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Born in Seoul, South Korea, Tim came from humble beginnings. His father left the family when he was two years old and his mother struggled to put food on the table. Eventually, his mother met an English man and they moved to Poole in Dorset, United Kingdom.

Tim was one of the only Asian children in his school and was frequently bullied. As a result, he developed severe anxiety and low self-esteem. When he started secondary school, he promised himself that he would no longer be socially awkward and strived to fit in with the 'cool kids', who wore hoodies, took drugs and drank alcohol. He adopted their traits, along with their negative outlook on life, and became violent. He started drug-dealing, regularly stole money from his mother and sister and graduated with below-average grades.

Although Tim applied for many jobs, the only one he was offered was as a toilet cleaner and his life continued in a downward spiral until, one day, he watched a video that would change his life. That video was Steve Jobs's Stanford Commencement Address. The video's message was that remembering you will eventually die is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

Tim vowed to become the best version of himself and live his dream. He dedicated himself to self-improvement, attending courses and events and investing in a life coach. Having discovered his passion and talent for coaching, he now runs a successful life coaching business and YouTube channel, Success Insider, and has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs in reaching their full potential.

Tim believes that there is greatness inside everyone, and to access it, we must align ourselves with a greater purpose, commit to excellence and seek to improve every day.

For more information on Tim, visit www.successinsider.tv.