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Going Beyond Your Rainbows By Susie Briscoe

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Discover the energy you always had to do the things you want to do.

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Susie Briscoe is an award-winning business owner, life coach, mentor and supervisor, who is fully accredited with Mentoring International (formerly the UK College of Life Coaching). She brings a wealth of experience to her client relationships and provides a supportive environment for the people she coaches. A strategic and lateral thinker, Susie has proven organisational, interpersonal and life skills, together with excellent leadership, team and management experience.

Upon graduating as a coach, Susie founded her company, Acer Coaching Associates (ACA) in 2004, and meticulously maintains her own continuing professional development to remain at the cutting edge of best practice.

Although she was headhunted by the Nightingale-Conant Corporation and Brian Tracy International, in 2008 and 2011 respectively, to work as a freelance, Master Coach, Susie still runs her international business while remaining an active board member of the Battersea Dogs' and Cats' Home and the charity she founded, the Acer Foundation for Global Education and Welfare.

An enthusiastic Corporate and Executive motivator, Susie is passionate about facilitating the developmental growth of her clients and colleagues. Her experience from over forty years in increasingly senior roles within the Corporate, Educational, Health and Charity sectors enables her to appraise and manage people and projects. She also coaches, mentors and supervises people to enhance their performance, implements programmes and facilitates learning.

Susie's coaching style has been described as intuitive, empathetic, compassionate and highly motivating. She believes actions bring results and aims to help business professionals to gain clarity on their life purpose, live their lives in harmony with their values and passions and develop a legacy mindset, whilst continuing to build their businesses on solid foundations.

Since implementing her own Leadership with Legacy ideas, Susie has joyfully declared her intention of finding the rainbows in all those business suits. Nothing is more pleasing than to hear the delight in client's voices as they too discover their own passions. Known by some as the Conscious Breakthrough and Legacy Strategist, this all comes together with her dynamic approach to working with her clients all around the world.

Throughout her career, Susie has won many awards, the most recent being the Certificate of Recognition with Elite Worldwide Business Women in Worldwide Who's Who in 2015/6.

Married to Albert for forty-six years, Susie attributes her success to the unwavering support this loving relationship has provided, together with the stability of her gorgeous daughter, Lara, son-in-law Charles and darling grandson, Sebastian.

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