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Being diagnosed and living with mental illness brings about a lot of stigma; internally and externally. Internal stigma comes from within the individual and external comes from ones's community. The challenge is overcoming these. For a very long time people living with mental illness were to not listened to, professionals and their significant others were seen as reliable sources of information about the unwell. While this is still evident in some societies, most communities, especially developing countries advocate that people living with mental illness must be heard. This has come about as a result of rigorous studies with those living with mental illness, where they are given an opportunity to share their expert knowledge and experience of living with mental illness; how they are treated by others when unwell and they delineate things which promote and hinder their recovery from mental illness. Therefore: if living with mental illness please speak up; away with stigma.


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Eradicate Anger And Bitterness By Siphiwe Ngubane

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Eradicate Anger And Bitterness

  • Learn to remove anger and associated negative emotions from your life.
  • Get a better understanding with your business partners and family.
  • Deal with you past and find a peace of mind.
  • Cope better with past traumatic events in your life.
  • Take back control of your emotions and feelings.
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Siphiwe has worked in Healthcare for nearly 30 years and has always been struck by the vast gap between physical and mental health support available to those in need. For example, someone with a broken arm can walk into accident and emergency (A&E) and receive the treatment they need almost straight away, whilst someone going through a mental health breakdown would be lucky to be seen within six months.

Whilst working as a general nurse, Siphiwe has worked with numerous people suffering with mental illness. While some she was able to support as they began their journey to recovery this was not always the case. Siphiwe is proud of the moments of calm and relief she is able to provide those at their darkest of times.

In her previous role as a lecturer (at the Nazarene nursing college Swaziland, now known as the Southern African Nazarene University: SANU), Siphiwe received praises for her excellent teaching methods. She always allocated five minutes at the beginning of every lecture to empower students of various life principles. For example, “how to perceive for success through difficult times; making the best decisions in difficult situations” to name a few.

Siphiwe does this to encourage students to become the very best versions of themselves and specially to support them in other social areas of their lives. As a result, some students would open up and approach Siphiwe for support and help, even after lecturers, seeking for more information and guidance. This provided Siphiwe with inner satisfaction of being able to support her students holistically, not just academically.

From her experience as a nurse to a lecturer, Siphiwe has a unique perspective on mental health. With her focus on the recovery model, Siphiwe is able to help people live with mental illnesses and or recover from it, so that they can maximise their potential. She does this all while aiming to promote programmes that reduce mental illness and aims to reduce the mortality of those suffering from mental illnesses.