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Sheena Walker Turns Experts into an Authority By Creating World class Programs Conceptual Models and Presentation Skills


Sheena has long had a fascination with what makes people outstanding. Her unique background as an athlete, Special Olympics Manager. and national coach with over twenty years of experience ; combined with her education at the University of Stirling , where Sheena studied Business, Marketing, Economics, HR and Media. Sheena offers her clients a truly special coaching experience.

From CEOs, Olympic athletes, and entrepreneurs, Sheena has over twenty years of coaching experience and excellence. She shows her clients how they can position themselves as experts and leaders of their respective fields while also tapping into their competitive edge to set them apart from the crowd, From combining sports and business methodology, Sheena is able to help her clients achieve " the Olympic winning edge".

Sheena is a licensed master practitioner of Neuro - linguistic programming ( NLP) A certified Tony Robbins strategic Results Coach founder of the “Performance By Design" Speaker System. Sheena also has two podcasts, The Corporate Olympian and The Dynamic Voice, and has written for the Global Impact makers
Whether you want to improve on a personal or business level, Sheena's one of a kind of coaching will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

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University Of Stirling
September 1996 to May 2000

Sheena Walker B A Business Studies

A graduate and guest speaker at the University of Stirling.International Business Marketing HR Media

University Of Stirling
September 2000 to June 2002

BA Film and Media


Sheena WAlker Performance By Design

July 2009 - July 2019

Scotland, United Kingdom

Achieve Key Result Fast With Performance By Design

I am a Keynote Speaker & Corporate Trainer Deliver Public Speaking Training Deliver Performance Training following my Conceptual results model Deliver Masterclass in Performance Management Deliver 1-1 and Group coaching in Presenting

Professional Speaking & Business Mastery
  • My Unique Branded System addresses 7 key ares of Performance improvement. This is delivered through Masterclasses,Training and Development days.

Skills & Endorsements

Performance Coaching Tony Robbins Camp
Extensive Advanced Strategic Results Coaching Life coaching Career Coaching Relationship Coaching Business
TEDX Coaching
Develop Design and Deliver Tedx Coaching To Inspire Speakers to apply to TEDx The formula for results
NLP Licensed Master Practitioner
Richard Bandler School An approach to communication, personal development, psychotherapy to action change
Professional Speaking Training
A member of The Public Speaker University 5 years being a futurist and creator in professional speaking
Sandhurst Inspirational Leadership
Post Graduate Leadership Training using Army Methodology . Insight into self leadership decisions & Mastery
Inner Game of Coaching
Coaching Mastery linking Brain Body and Action Sports Methodology creating extraordinary habits
The Power of Body Language
Developing expertise in Body language, Non Verbal Communication to link to developing great presentations

Honors & Awards

Finalist In Scottish Women in Business
My contribution to Business Community in building great relationships results.and achievments
Award For Business Excellence National
Nominated By Scottish Business Community
Award For Contribution To Sport
Team Manager of Special Olympics