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Sheena Walker Turns Experts into an Authority By Creating World class Programs Conceptual Models and Presentation Skills

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Powerpoint Etiquette


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Mastering Question & Answers Presenting Etiquette

Learn 4 ways to answer Questions in business or as a Presenter

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How To Achieve Business Mastery

Three Key Areas For Perfect Positioning as a Specialist

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Master Positioning in The Market Place

Keep Developing Self Mastery In Your Craft

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Master A Methodology in Your Business

Having a Framework or a System Creates That Competitive Edge

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Mastering A Signature Model

How To Structure Your Services Into a Model To Position You

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Move Your Audience The TED Way with Brilliant Idea

Learn how to deliver a TED Style Message to Position You in Business

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Create A Speaker Journey The TED Way

How To Deliver a TED Business Message to be positioned Differently

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TED Ideas Follow You Around

Grow Bigger & Bigger as You Become Well Known in Your Market

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TED Style Message So Your Audience Care

Speak so Your Audience Care and Love your Business massage

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Why Recruitment Matters-Deliver the 5 Key outcomes

Securing That New Post- 5 Outcomes the Panel Look for

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Why Recruitment Matters- Role in a Job description

Understanding How a Job description links to your CV

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Why Recruitment Matters- Do You have the Skills

Essential and Desirable Skills - Just what does that mean ?

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Why Recruitment Matters- Understand Headings on CV

Understanding the importance of Key Headings on CV

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Why Recruitment Matters- Plan an informal Visit

Plan an informal visit to company prior to Closing date

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Ways to A New Career - How to Get Started

Why Can't You Get Short Listed - You need to a Step by Step Formula

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Elements of a Great Speech

Elements of How you might Put a Presentation together in easy steps

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How To Position You And To Standout in your Market

Our Modern Business World Gets Congested Become an Authority

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What is Performance By Design

Who Are You ? How Can You Lead Your Industry and Be Memorable

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Are You A Corporate Ambassador ?

Can You Present Your Companies Success To New Customers

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A Question. How much Time Do You Give To Preparing

Do You Plan Prepare & Practice your Keynote or boardroom Presentation

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Are You Asked To Present At Short Notice

Do You Have a Framework or Formula to ACTION Quickly ?

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How Do You Choose a Results Performance Coach ?

4 Steps to Choosing a Coach with Expertise. What questions to Ask ?

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Successful People Have Successful Daily Habits

Successful Business People, Athletes & Musicians have great habits

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Successful People Are Futurist In How They Think

Are You an Innovative, Creative, Futurist in Our Modern Economy ?

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Successful People Demonstrate a Great Character

A Great Character Will Position You Personally & Professionally

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Successful People Have a Performance Mindset

Elite Performers Demonstrate Grit Determination & Mental Prepardeness

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Successful People Maximise Their Performance & Win

Winning Isn't Everything - Its the Only Thing to Lead The Field

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Self Mastery Performance Coaching

Discover How Business Coaching Will give You Tools To Lead The Field

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Self Mastery Coaching Framework

Coaching Is A Simple Step By Step Frame Work To Facilitate Results

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Performance Coaching For Business Positioning

In The Business World Coaching Gives You The Competitive Edge

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Are You Committed As a Coach

Be Committed Confident and Have Conviction as a Coach To Standout

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Develop Your Self Mastery Coaching Skills

Achieve & Aspire To be an Optimum Performer To Be an Impactful Leader

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High Performers In Coaching

High Performers Find Ways To Deal With Obstacles To Stay Ahead & Win

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Self Coaching -Key Principles For Success

Lead The Field With Self Coaching Principles - to improve Productivity

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Could You Benefit From Transformational Coaching

Are You a Speaker, Executive, a Business Professional Then Step UP

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Successful People Have The Competitive Edge

Discover How Being Consistent In Your Systems Gets You Great Results

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Discovery The Fantastic TOOL of Mentoring

Rehearse, Receive Feedback, Correction a New Direction, Great Results

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WD Tech Team

WD Tech Team

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Are You Commercially Viable ?

You Need to be Thinking Into Designing You- Standout In Your Industry

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Do You Make A Difference To Your Customer

Are You Crystal Clear In Your Area of Expertise in Your Market

Digital Coaching
Three Steps To Great Visibility Online

What Three Simple Steps Will Position You Instantly To Lead The Field

Digital Coaching
Deliver A Great Message in 18 Minutes

What If You Could Learn To Deliver A Message in 18 Minutes?

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Perfecting & Presenting To Your Virtual Audience

Delivering a great speech starts with having a great framework

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Great Speakers Craft Their Script

Be an Aspiring Speaker be Impactful Influential & Powerful

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How To Practice Practice Practice WHY ?

Learn The Key Skills You Use To Go from Good to Great

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Create & Design A New Service For Your Customers

Right Now You Need to Design A New You Personally and Professionally

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3 Steps To Being a High Performer In Business

Improve Your Productivity Performance & Positioning HOW?

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Creating A Career Change In Our Dynamic Economy

Where Do You Start? How Do You Plan? How Do You Prepare?

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Three Steps To Be Visible Virtual & Valuable

The Three Easy Steps To Gain More Customers To Improve Revenue

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Success in Planning With Rainbow Goals

A Unique Way To Plan Your Critical Success Factors Professionally

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Are You Obsessed With Your Business Performance ?

What Drives World-Class Performers To Standout And lead The Field

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The Career Curve

Looking To Change Your Career - Just Where Do You Start?

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Could YOU Deliver A Presentation in 18 Minutes ?

Present in Your Business The TED way for Great Results

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The Art Of Powerpoint Etiquette

People Lose Their Credibility Immediately with Poor Powerpoint

Digital Coaching
Are You An Accidental Speaker ?

How Do You Plan a Presentation at Short Notice?

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Develop Your Own Style Of Speaking YES or NO

What do Successful People Do to Be World-Class

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Are You Positioned AS A Great Corporate Speaker ?

What will You Speak About To Position your Company?

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How Do You Design Your Presentation With Power?

Do People Know You Are An Expert?

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Make Your Audience Love You Standout as a Speaker

Become The Greatest Performer Open Your Presentation in a New Way

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How To Speak So People Will Listen

Speaking Is The Most Profitable Skill in Business Don't Be Ignored

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Do People Listen When You Speak ?

Why Is Speaking Is The Most Profitable Skill In Business

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What Makes An Aspiring Speaker ?

How can you Be memorable Be A Performer when You Speak

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How to Present So People Will Listen

Speaking is the most profitable skill in business

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How Can You Build Your Brand Voice ?

Be Visible Build a Brand Profile to Standout In The Market

Digital Coaching
Buiding Your Brand With Words

Can You Refine Your Message In Business By Building Your Brand Words

Digital Coaching
How Confident Do You Sound Or Not. Why Not ?

If This Skill Is Missing It Will Damage Your Credibility?

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How Often Do You Forget What Comes Next ?

Want To Be Credible Speaker Use This Technique If Your Mind Goes Blank

➢ This Presenting By Design program and masterclass will take your speaking skills to the next level. If you have ever been truly terrified of speaking in public or just need strategies on how to piece together a memorable and powerful presentation that has impact and gets results, then my hands-on masterclass and coaching may be the best investment you can make in your professional development this year.

This Executive program will teach you those sales, boardroom, or stage techniques to have you presenting like a confident speaker.

Who might this help?

CEO, Managers, Senior Executives, Professional Speakers, who would like to go from being an expert to an authority in your business or career.

Would you like to be a Dynamic Speaker?

Would you like to be described as Confident, Charismatic, and Influential Speaker?

The "Keynote By Design "program will give you the knowledge skills and techniques to Engage Educate and Entertain your audience and get your powerful message across.


Sheena has long had a fascination with what makes people outstanding. Her unique background as an athlete, Special Olympics Manager. and national coach with over twenty years of experience ; combined with her education at the University of Stirling , where Sheena studied Business, Marketing, Economics, HR and Media. Sheena offers her clients a truly special coaching experience.

From CEOs, Olympic athletes, and entrepreneurs, Sheena has over twenty years of coaching experience and excellence. She shows her clients how they can position themselves as experts and leaders of their respective fields while also tapping into their competitive edge to set them apart from the crowd, From combining sports and business methodology, Sheena is able to help her clients achieve " the Olympic winning edge".

Sheena is a licensed master practitioner of Neuro - linguistic programming ( NLP) A certified Tony Robbins strategic Results Coach founder of the “Performance By Design" Speaker System. Sheena also has two podcasts, The Corporate Olympian and The Dynamic Voice, and has written for the Global Impact makers
Whether you want to improve on a personal or business level, Sheena's one of a kind of coaching will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

More details on Sheena Walker

University Of Stirling
September 1996 to May 2000

Sheena Walker B A Business Studies

A graduate and guest speaker at the University of Stirling.International Business Marketing HR Media

University Of Stirling
September 2000 to June 2002

BA Film and Media


Sheena WAlker Performance By Design

July 2009 - July 2019

Scotland, United Kingdom

Achieve Key Result Fast With Performance By Design

I am a Keynote Speaker & Corporate Trainer Deliver Public Speaking Training Deliver Performance Training following my Conceptual results model Deliver Masterclass in Performance Management Deliver 1-1 and Group coaching in Presenting

Professional Speaking & Business Mastery
  • My Unique Branded System addresses 7 key ares of Performance improvement. This is delivered through Masterclasses,Training and Development days.

Skills & Endorsements

Performance Coaching Tony Robbins Camp
Extensive Advanced Strategic Results Coaching Life coaching Career Coaching Relationship Coaching Business
TEDX Coaching
Develop Design and Deliver Tedx Coaching To Inspire Speakers to apply to TEDx The formula for results
NLP Licensed Master Practitioner
Richard Bandler School An approach to communication, personal development, psychotherapy to action change
Professional Speaking Training
A member of The Public Speaker University 5 years being a futurist and creator in professional speaking
Sandhurst Inspirational Leadership
Post Graduate Leadership Training using Army Methodology . Insight into self leadership decisions & Mastery
Inner Game of Coaching
Coaching Mastery linking Brain Body and Action Sports Methodology creating extraordinary habits
The Power of Body Language
Developing expertise in Body language, Non Verbal Communication to link to developing great presentations

Honors & Awards

Finalist In Scottish Women in Business
My contribution to Business Community in building great relationships results.and achievments
Award For Business Excellence National
Nominated By Scottish Business Community
Award For Contribution To Sport
Team Manager of Special Olympics