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sentini grunberg

Inspiring people to reach their full potential.


Sentini was born and raised in Amsterdam to immigrants who originally came from Surinam, a former colony of the Netherlands.

During her time at high school, Sentini discovered her passion for performing and performed as a cheerleader and HipHop dancer with the Harlem Globetrotters and dancehall artist Sean Paul. At the age of only nineteen, she founded her own dance school, which she sold two years later and formed her second company, InMovement, which provided coaching and training to entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and live their lives to their fullest potential.

Sentini enrolled in many coaching and training programmes, read books and applied what she had learnt. By the age of twenty-three, Sentini was coaching people in top organisations such as Accenture, Cisco and Delta Lloyd and started to run seminars in networking, sales and public speaking.

Today, Sentini is frequently hired as a speaker or moderator at corporate events and even hosted an event for the Dutch Queen Máxima. Her expertise and energetic personality make her an entertaining and inspirational speaker, who teaches practical skills that her audience can immediately apply to gain new contacts and manage existing relationships.

Sentini is a board member of the Founders Carbon Network, a tight-knit group of entrepreneurs, executives and directors in the Netherlands, and co-founder of the Zaai Entrepreneurship Project. She also runs her own, successful PR company, Grunberg PR, providing content marketing solutions for SMEs and large organisations.

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