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During his time as a mortgage and insurance advisor, Larrell always had a keen eye for trading. However, other commitments prevented him from trading proactively. This was until he was shown a few, simple strategies that, once executed, were extremely successful and allowed him to continue to advise clients on lending on a day-to-day basis, whilst applying these strategies to several markets and amassing substantial funds. This subsequently led to his complete, financial freedom.

Larrell now teaches people how to trade safely and professionally via Scofield Trading, which provides affordable, home study and personal mentor courses that enable clients to easily learn to trade the financial markets, the smart way. Scofield Trading teaches its clients how to make a tax free income from home, regardless of their trading knowledge or background. They also offer one-to-one mentor sessions on the trading floor, where they can personally guide their clients to trade successfully.

Scofield Trading has substantial experience within the financial markets and currently manages a substantial private fund, which started off containing only a few thousand pounds just a few years ago.

Trading has enabled Larrell to become financially free, not just because of the money he makes but, most importantly, the little amount of time trading takes up. His strategies mean that it takes no longer than twenty minutes each evening to manage his trading activities. Larrell believes that his trading method is amazing and the most effective way to make a passive, tax free income!

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