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Dr Sarmila Sinha is a Consultant Psychiatrist, #1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Mentor and Stress Management Coach. She is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Fellow of the Complementary Medical Association. Dr Sinha has been a Health and Well-Being Ambassador for doctors in the NHS and has over 15 years of experience as a Psychiatrist in the UK. She is the founder of Living Life Stress Free Ltd, a registered college of the Complementary Medical Association, providing Stress Management courses and workshops for professionals and entrepreneurs.
Dr Sinha was born in India and spent her formative years in the picturesque state of Assam, India, which is famous for its tea and its national parks. Dr Sinha has always been a great admirer of nature and was aware of its healing power in both mental and physical illnesses. She was naturally drawn to the field of medicine and graduated in India. She briefly practised in the area of Medicine and Psychiatry before coming to the UK to pursue higher training.
After completing MRCpsych (Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists), she received a scholarship to study MSc in Transcultural Psychiatry (Queen Mary University, London) and was awarded distinction in 2010.
Dr Sinha became an Eating Disorders Consultant Psychiatrist in 2014. In the same year, her team won the BEAT national award in the category ‘Best Eating Disorders Team' in the UK.
Dr Sinha has a passion for raising awareness on mental health issues among the general public and reducing stigma in mental health. Her book ‘Depression A Guide to Recovery', is an uplifting and actionable guide to the causes, symptoms, treatment and management of Depression. ‘My goal was to create a resource that gets right to the point, and reaches out to people in despair, in a way that's comforting,' she explains.
Dr Sinha has developed a unique 4-C Approach to Stress Management for professionals and entrepreneurs, where she teaches easy to apply Stress Management Strategies. Well-established health organisations such as Nuffield Health have hosted Dr Sinha to deliver this highly effective Stress Management 4-C Strategies. Also, Living Life Stress Free has been recognised as a centre of Excellence by the Complementary Medical Association.
Attendees of the Stress Management workshops have given highly positive feedback. One attendee wrote: ‘Although it was practical, it had depth and I found myself connecting with very deep parts within me and even after the workshop I kept having important realisations about me and my life including past, present and future. It gave me much more than I had hoped for, and I feel the impact will go on beyond reducing stress. Some shifts took place right away, and some are still taking place now.'
Dr Sinha believes in a holistic approach to treatment and emphasises the importance of reducing stress and managing stress to prevent chronic physical and mental illnesses. She respects traditional practices and combines the best of both Eastern Health practice such as Yoga with Western Medicine, which has the latest evidence-based practice.
Following the success of her book and her Stress Management Workshops, Dr Sinha is reaching a global audience. She is the keynote speaker in the forthcoming Alternate Medicine Conference in Dubai, 2019 to speak on the impact of Stress at Work. She is also a motivational speaker at The Great British Business Show 2019 in Excel London.
She has been featured and quoted in Men's Health magazine and interviewed by Readers Digest UK.
Dr Sinha's regularly blogs on various health topics on the Living Life Stress Free website.
Her inspiration to become a motivational speaker comes from her passion and relentless efforts to raise awareness on health topics such as well-being, stress management, work-life balance, improving relationships, conflict resolution, improving resilience and leadership skills.
Her motto is ‘Everyone has the potential to be a genius. Be positive and Believe in yourself. If you can Dream, you can Live It too. Just give up the Resistance.'
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Gauhati Medical College And University
July 1998 to July 2004


Graduate in Medicine

The Royal College Of Psychiatrists
February 2005 to February 2008


I received intensive post graduate training in different fields of psychiatry in the UK.

Queen Mary University
September 2008 to January 2010


I received Distinction in MSc - Transcultural Psychiatry from Barts and the London, Queen Mary University.

Founder and CEO
Living Life Stress Free Ltd

September 2018 - September 2019

London, United Kingdom

Stress Management coach courses & workshops

Dr Sinha provides Stress Management and Wellbeing courses and workshops to professionals and entrepreneurs.

Coach and Mentor

Skills & Endorsements

Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrist and Fellow of the Complementary Medical Association
Stress Management Coach
Dr Sinha is the founder and CEO of Living Life Stress Free Ltd. (

Honors & Awards

Distinction in MSc
I received a Distinction in MSc - Transcultural Psychiatry, awarded by Queen Mary University.
Best Team Award
Honoured to receive the National Team Award - I was the Eating Disorder Consultant Psychiatrist of my team.
Number One Best Selling Book on Kindle
An Expert Guide to Stress Management by Dr Sinha became a Number One Best Seller on Amazon Kindle in 2019.