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Sales Copywriting Skills by Sarah Brandis

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How to write copy that resonates with your audience and increases sales.

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Sarah Brandis is a marketing consultant, trainer and author who has worked with small businesses for over twelve years, helping them to navigate the social media world and market themselves to prospective customers. Originally a degree student of Cognitive Neuroscience, Sarah combines her knowledge of neuroscience and psychology with the creative world of marketing, resulting in intelligent customer insights that make the business magic happen.

Sarah Brandis is a marketing consultant whose fascination with small business marketing began around six years ago. While she was at university, she tried selling health and weight loss products, which enabled her to gain extensive experience in social media and content marketing.

Upon deciding that network marketing was not her passion, she moved away from selling health products and took several, online marketing courses, all whilst studying for her degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Westminster. She also wrote her first book 'The Musings of an Elective Orphan', which gave her valuable marketing and self-publishing experience.

Sarah made the decision to set up her own business and use this knowledge to help and inspire small businesses to learn the marketing basics, via her online training, webinars, blogs and consultancy services. Sarah has also written a book entitled '20/20 Online Visibility: 20 Marketing Lessons That Can Be Followed in 20 minutes Per Day', which aims to keep marketing simple and easy to implement for small businesses.
In her spare time, Sarah loves writing, running and escaping London for the countryside whenever she can.

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