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Supporting and motivating people to learn.
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Be Motivated To Learn

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Improve your listening skills, engagement and attitude to learn more effectively and achieve your goals.

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Ruth Pearson is a motivational speaker, inspirational, transformational, wellbeing coach, author of three books and TV presenter on Her unique area of expertise is the development of her own, coaching and training model called STEPS2LEARN, which puts the individual, and the choices they make, at the heart of personal development, but then also explores the benefits of working with others, as part of effective teams.

Ruth began her career in an educational setting, where she taught science and maths in several secondary school for over twenty-five years, eventually rising to the position of Deputy Headteacher. Following her redundancy in 2013, and other major changes in her life, she made the decision to leave teaching to explore new ways of using the skills, expertise and vast knowledge she had acquired.

Ruth decided to become a wellbeing coach and developed STEPS2LEARN, a unique coaching and training model that empowers teams to work collaboratively, with everyone using their skills for the benefit of 'we', not 'me. She has spoken in a variety of settings, including The Business Show at ExCel in London and the RBS Women Doing Business event, sharing her varied, personal, life experiences and her own, personal challenge of living with the hidden, autoimmune disability, lupus, for over twenty-one years.

Ruth has also been a keynote speaker at several events that were aired globally. She speaks on issues of empowering individuals to be the best that they can be, despite challenging situations that they may find themselves in. She shares her own, personal life experiences in a way that helps others to know that they do not have to let their past define their future. She also teaches people how they can be more motivated, how they can proactively plan for changes, how they can have better relationships, and practical ways to transform their personal and professional wellbeing.

Ruth has a vision to establish a network of collaborative services, which will assist individuals and businesses with techniques to motivate them to continue learning new life skills, so they are equipped with the knowledge needed for the changing world they are living in. It is against this background that she wrote her latest book Say Yes To New Opportunities! Be Motivated to L.E.A.R.N. She is passionate about supporting and motivating people to learn, in both their personal and professional lives; as learning is a lifelong process.

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