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Ruth grew up with a single-parent mother, graduated in the height of the recession and was pregnant when she started her own business. She has a solid financial background, having graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Accounting and Finance in 2009.

As she felt that a traditional accounting role did not suit her creative depth, in 2014, Ruth started her own business, Tax Twerk, which provides online tax preparation, digital marketing and lead generation services, and has since advised many individuals and start-ups. Tax Twerk specialises in income tax returns for the self-employed, consultants, freelancers and independent, digital entrepreneurs. Its goal is to save its customers time, hassle, money and minimise costly mistakes, by taking care of the arduous task of tax return submissions.

Ruth is also an avid YouTuber and blogger and has posted over one hundred YouTube videos and blog articles on money-related subjects. Her book, 'How To Make Your Tax Sexy', provides essential tips and advice on how to make sure businesses have their finance steps covered, so they can achieve a higher salary and turnover. It aims to provide readers with the confidence to make the best business decisions and understand how tax bills and long-term business success is based on the right knowledge, systems and steps. Ruth was once mentioned by James Caan in an article in the Guardian that focused on tips for keeping on top of company finances.

Ruth is based in Luton, Bedfordshire, and works with clients across the UK and throughout the world.

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