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Roger Snipes (born 1979) is a British body builder, Fitness model, fitness competitor and fitness trainer. He is winner of Mr. UK, Mr. Britannia in 2010 and Fame UK in 2011. He followed it up with a win at Musclemania 2011.

He won the WBFF European Championship in 2013 and took second place in the WBFF World Championship 2015.

Roger continues to inspire many around the globe as a social media influencer through his unique lifestyle.

With a "practice what you preach" mentality, Roger has partnered with some of the worlds leading brands such as Body Engineers, BioTech USA & Team Physique Global.

Roger travels the globe spreading his fitness knowledge and inspiring many to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

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Roger Snipes is a British Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Fitness Competitor, and Fitness Trainer. Through sharing his unique lifestyle and knowledge, Roger has built an impressive social media following and inspires people from across the globe.

Roger has had a hugely successful career as a Bodybuilder and Fitness Competitor. In 2010 Roger won both Mr. UK and Mr Britannia, in 2011 he won Fame UK and Musclemania. He then went on to compete at the WBFF European Championship in 2013 and won. In 2015, Roger went to the WBFF World Championship in 2015 and took second place.

With a ‘practise what you preach attitude’ Roger shares his desire to understand his full potential with his followers, sharing his experiences with the latest fitness methods such as the DNA Fitness Test, Gut Health, and Photobiomodulation. Roger has worked with leading brands such as Body Engineers, BioTech USA & Team Physique Global.

Roger now travels the world and hopes to spread his knowledge and inspire others to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Through his online mentoring he hopes to help others to unlock their full potential!