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Since entering the MLM industry in 2012, Richard has achieved truly outstanding results. He was the No.1 UK earner in his former MLM company and has personally recruited over five hundred members into his own, network marketing team. He has achieved over $500,000 in product sales and over $60,000 in personal coaching sales. His blog was voted one of the top, five blogs in the home business industry and he now earns a five-figure, monthly salary.

However, at one time, Richard was £40,000 in debt and worked eighty hours per week in a job that didn’t provide the life he knew he could create. He knew something had to change, so he stepped out of his comfort zone and started a ‘side project’ to create more time and financial freedom.

Now, Richard runs several businesses, including his home-based business, Team Start Living, and his blog, from which he delivers masses of valuable content, tips, tactics and products to help home-based business owners quickly generate leads, grow their team and achieve their goals quicker and easier than possible on their own. He also helps people to scale their businesses using digital and social media marketing.

Richard is married to his wife, Rachael. They live in Doncaster and have one daughter.

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