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After a traumatic event aged 11, Richa Chandra started to meditate. She did not know at the time this was what she was doing, but even as a child she knew that the emotional turmoil going on inside her could only be answered from within.

She did not know what she was doing, but despite being a child she knew that the emotional war was going on inside of her, so the answers needed to be within her. She turned to the higher power and found her answers in the form of feelings and intuition. She used meditation and the guidance of her parents to make difficult choices and decisions in her life. It was this intuition that guided her to quit her job and start her own business.

Richa has been meditating for over three decades and she believes that everyone can have a good experience to meditation. A common misconception is that meditation is simply breathing exercises, but this could not be further from the truth. One shoe does not fit everyone. There are many different techniques of meditation depending on your desired outcome. Richa is dedicated to helping others find the right technique for them so they too can experience the benefits of meditation.

Richa has published four books; three books on Indian dance that are the main resource in Norway for those looking to learn and teach. Richa published her first book on meditation, ‘Proven Benefits of Meditation’ in 2019. Her main drive in publishing these books is to share her knowledge and success with others so that they too can experience the happiness she has.

With Richa, you will learn how to change your state of mind and gain control over your emotions which will help you make positive changes in your life. Through Richa’s teachings you will learn not only the techniques for meditation but also how meditation can remove energy blockages and how to manifest wealth, better health, alongside a better relationship with your peers, in love and happiness.

It is all about energy and intent!

“Celebration is a big part of life and I love to celebrate everything. If we do not celebrate every accomplishment, our own and others, we do not enjoy life the way we are supposed to!” – Richa

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I show people how to get destressed and a better life.

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The most Aspirational buisness woman
The most Aspirational buisness woman