pippa hancock Profile

Pippa's work has helped change the lives of many household names, including sports professionals, international DJ's and successful entrepreneurs. If you want to change your mindset and rid yourself of unwanted habits, behaviours or self-limiting beliefs then get ready to make it happen.

Originally Pippa worked in public relations in the sports industry. Her sporting achievements and BA Hons degree in International Marketing and Communications led the way to setting up her own successful agency. During her 15 years in sport, the daily stresses and anxieties of working in a demanding, fast-paced environment started to impact Pippa's health both physically and mentally. She suffered both serious digestion problems and chronic fatigue as a direct result of her career-driven lifestyle.

Personal challenges and a lack of professional confidence led to a fear of public speaking, and she developed habits that negatively affected her health. She finally sought help in hypnotherapy and was able to transform her mindset, breaking free from self-limiting beliefs and bad habits.

Pippa has a very personal understanding of the impact that self-limiting beliefs can have on your wellbeing - both mentally and physically. Using a variety of the latest hypnosis, NLP and CBT techniques Pippa today works with people to overcome personal challenges, so that they too can reach their desired goals.

The National Hypnotherapy Society defines hypnotherapy as a ‘skilled verbal communication’. Pippa’s experience as one of the country's leading communicators has enabled her to become a highly sought-after hypnotherapist and an expert in her field.

"I find nothing more rewarding than sharing my knowledge, helping people to live a healthier, happier and richer life."