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peter anderson

Working with the world’s most ambitious people to transform the organisations that they lead.


Peter is a leading authority in positive team development. Despite being diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of fourteen and considered by many to be a ‘non-achiever’, he went on to train as a professional dancer, graduating from the prestigious Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and working for several years for the Iceland Dance Company.

In 2010, he decided a change of direction was needed and studied for a MA in Leadership at the University of Exeter. Two years after graduation, he founded Moving Education, an organisation that provides workshops for people with learning difficulties, focusing on dynamic and playful teaching methods to encourage information retention and understanding.

Since 2017, Peter has also been the director of his own coaching and training business, Anderson’s Arena, where he works with clients to emphasise the benefits of a healthy mindset, human connection and goal achievement, and promotes mindfulness as a way of reducing stress and anxiety that prevents people from reaching their desired goals.

As well as being a leadership coach, Peter is also an author, a TEDx and international speaker who has a passion for personal development. He has helped elite athletes, professional singers, business leaders and their staff exceed their expectations and unleash the mind fitness needed to achieve positive results.

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