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Consultant, Speaker and Corporate Trainer
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Quick Start To Sales Success by Pete Scott

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Practical, real-life strategies to become a successful salesperson.

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Pete Scott is a man on a mission to share and teach real-life, practical skills that get the results your business is searching for.

Pete is a highly experienced consultant, corporate trainer and speaker with a strong passion for inspiring people to peak performance. Over the last twelve years, Pete has continued to enhance his own skill-set in a number of soft skills areas and is now considered to be one of the go-to consultants in the areas of emotional intelligence, sales and presentation skills.

Throughout Pete's training career he has personally worked with over two hundred companies and over 10,000 staff. Working across industries such as oil & gas, finance, media, travel, personal development, government and many more, Pete has been able to gain an-in depth knowledge of human behaviour and psychology, from middle and senior management to board level.

Delivering training for organisations in Europe, New York, Dubai, Thailand, Ghana and various other parts of the world, Pete now spends 90% of his time travelling internationally to work with leading organisations.

Pete is also the founder of Spa Business Bootcamps, which is an annual, one-day conference to empower spa managers and business owners to reach new business goals and objectives.

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Quick Start To Sales Success November 19th, 2016
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