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The world is market big enough for us all.

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Paul Getter has built his career on helping businesses and personal brands grow and scale online using Facebook Advertising. Paul's team and clients collectively have spent over $500M on ads and we specialize in creating compelling viral campaigns that are optimized for ROI and conversion.

Paul Getter is a marketing consultant, best-selling author, and CEO at The Internet Marketing Nerds. Paul is one of the most sought-after marketing experts in the world, and now works with several clients who spend millions of dollars each month on marketing.

Paul now travels the world and gets hotels, flights, suits, dinners and so much more for free because of his expert knowledge. However, this was not always the case. Only nine years ago Paul was broke, struggling to make ends meet and delivering phone books from the back of his car. It was only when Paul learnt about the power of the internet marketing that his life changed forever.

He has helped scale multiple businesses into eight figures per year, worked with celebrities and personalities such as Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, and Akon. He’s even consulted several of the top marketing companies in the world!

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