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Your Best Relationship

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Breathe new life into your relationship and make it better than ever before!

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Starting from Scratch By Olga Geidane

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Everything you need to consider when starting your new business.

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Originally from Latvia, Olga Geidane now lives in the UK and is a truly inspirational, hard-working businesswoman with a wealth of life coaching and business experience. As founder of New Life Kick Start, she works with her clients to solve their issues, identify and remove negative behavior triggers and rewrite their life stories.

In order to help her clients, Olga continues to expand her knowledge and skills. She strongly believes in taking action, rather than just talking, her aim being to take her clients from their current position to where they want to be in the shortest possible time.

Prior to becoming a life coach, Olga ran her own property maintenance company and before this, a commercial cleaning company. She studied at the Aeronautical University of Riga, where she gained a degree in Business / Managerial Economics. She is perfectly placed to coach clients on business-related matters, as well as personal ones.

For more information on Olga, visit www.newlifekickstart.com.