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Positive, solutions driven, integrity, kindness, serving others, understanding, knowledge, non-judgemental, caring, spiritual, learning, strategic, development and wellness
Focused on helping people who have experienced distressing events and need support to find their inner power and identity to overcome these events so they can live their best life
to help educate and guide businesses, to have the right tools and program in place to support their team members who are going through these events
Other business consolation as well but the above is the arm that is relevant to this
Driven by the opportunity to support others who are going through events which I have experienced myself which can be in either or both personal or professional areas

Early on in her life she was faced with abuse and being a child she was not able to deal or process this awful event. She was very fortunate to have a loving family, support and plenty of opportunities however this events effects were very damaging to her. It painfully impacted her life in several areas including having eating disorders, self harming, body issues, depression, being bullied and exposure to suicide.

Sadly she was not only exposed to abuse on one occasion as 25 years later when she was living on the other side of the world she encountered a violent and sexual attack, toxic and damaging relationships and another separate incident of assault. These events lead to a period of difficulties and a very hard time for her.

Although she meet some very dark moments, her mental attitude was that she would not be beaten or miss out on a fulfilled life by these or let these perpetrators beat her. Travelling the world on her own since 2004 as well as overcoming a lot of early challenges she trusted that she had enough strength, courage and resilience to overcome these events and continue to rebuild her life.

A turning point came in April 2019 when she ended up in hospital after being in acute pain and throwing up blood. In the taxi on the way home with her partner was when she realised her body was telling her something and she had to listen. It was where the epiphany happened that she needed to make some changes as she was not in a good place again physically, emotionally or spiritually.

After attending the Tony Robbins Unleashed the Power within course, she left her corporate HR Director role the following week and realised that her purpose was to serve others that have suffered in similar ways to her. Having the realisation that her traumatic events where now a gift was a life changing moment.

Since this happened she has been taught by some of the worlds best in their field including Tony Robbins, Dr Richard Bandler, John Lee (soon to be), Paul O'Mahony, Keith Cunningham and Dr John DeMartini to further her education and giving her world class tool kit to help others. After the trainings she has done so far, with she has used these learnt techniques to help coach and mentor clients and businesses to achieve results they never thought they could achieve.

Her successful professional career has been diverse and included areas of business strategy, HR, operations, training, project management, coaching, sales, events, hospitality, retail and business development.

Nikki has worked in various types businesses form Multinationals, to SME's and start ups in roles ranging from Director, Operational and Management roles which has given her high business acumen, developed her strategic approach as well as her understanding that people drive any business.

Her work has taken her to all corners of the globe, including, NZ, Australia, UAE (Dubai) and UK and working on projects in India, USA, Turkey, Switzerland and Guyana. This has enabled her to work with, meet and develop thousands of people globally from different cultures, backgrounds, experiences and enhanced her cultural awareness.

She now wants to work with companies to ensure they have the tools, programs and resources to be able to support and continue work with people who have face life changing challenges. People who go through these awful difficulties can find it too hard to share with their employers what has happened so they leave to focus on their recovery. Organisations are losing talent by not being set up to deal with these issues so all parties are missing out

Nikki is passionate about helping people reach their potential, learning, self development and growth. Nikki's enthusiasm is contagious and uplifting encompassing these philosophies both personally and professionally. Her purpose is to build a community for people and support them as she knows far to well how these events can be crippling and can leave you feeling alone, broken, judged and unworthy.

She understand the healing process is not one that can be done alone and is always ongoing. There have been moments that she felt the standard support available is not meeting the need so wants to bridge this gap. The way she recovered from her eating disorder of 20 years, was through life coaching with someone who had also gone through the same issue. As this coach had experienced this and had the knowledge of how she was feeling, this had such gravitas and positive impact on her. This experience has inspired her to want to have this impact on others and feels blessed that she has been through many difficulties so wants to be able to serve as many people as she can to heal and have a wonderful life.

Nikki enjoys time for health and wellbeing and believes they are key elements to have balance in an active lifestyle. Nikki practices meditation, priming, reads a lot and fitness is part of her daily routine. She is aware that choosing yourself is key for any one suffering and wants to support people on their journey.