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Becoming financially free so you can do the things you really want to do in life

Starting from a humble background, which clearly wasn’t a fairy tale, yet it empowered me to become resilient, persevering, strong-minded, self-motivating, determined and strive to make myself happy and successful. As a child I was good yet rebellious; that developed into myself being a critical questioner, questioning the norm and conditions imposed by society on us and choosing to make my own path and life that I actually wanted and want to live. Even though I have been through many ups and downs like most of us; my family were always extremely supportive, kind and caring. My teenage years were influenced by my surroundings and my friend circle which were not the proudest moments of my life; nevertheless, I do not blame anyone else except myself for those experiences, as ultimately it was my lack of knowledge which prevented me from realising my potential and being the best person I could possibly be. I’m certain that you must have heard the saying “if I knew then what I know now. I would have done things differently.” One major difference between successful and unsuccessful people is ‘knowledge’ and how they choose to use it.

My turning point came about 15 years ago when I realised how I was limiting my potential and hindering my progress if I were to continue allowing life to be the way it was at the time. That realisation was a catalyst for asking myself questions such as “how can I have a better life?”; “what can I do to keep growing while becoming successful and happy in life?” Hence I decided it was time for a change, to give myself a real chance to succeed in life and fulfil my potential.

I started investing in myself, making time to learn whatever it took to master thy self in order to achieve my goals. And till date, I continue this process as we are evolving beings, so if we stop learning and developing, we become stagnant.
The main questions I had to answer in the process of self-discovery, which we all need to ask ourselves to make conscious choices in life were: “what drives me and makes me a happier person?; what is the element in life that will continue to give me the same energy to do the things I really want and will make an impact on my life and the world we live in? Discovering the answers was revitalising, it was amazing I had a purpose and clarity in life.

Over the years I have helped others on their journey to become successful and happy and wish to continue doing so because I believe life is to live, to be alive; hence we need to allow our curiosities, passion & perseverance to create paths for us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of life. Financial freedoms are one of the factors of success, as money is such an integral part of living in this world, therefore I invested my time and energy in diversifying my income stream by building different businesses such as retail companies, property, investing, founding an online marketplace, while continuously working on self-development. At present, I have time, energy and the freedom to do the things I want while having a passive income. Till this date it humbles me to reflect back on my journey and how different and wonderful life is now compared to what it could have been if I never made these changes.

I wish for all of us to be happy and actually live life rather than simply exist in time and space, wasting our precious time and energy. Therefore if you wish for success and happiness, start with discovering yourself first by thinking, questioning and learning.
If you would like more information on success and financial freedom you can join my mentoring program and we can embark on your journey of happiness. One last note, self-investment is the best investment.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you a successful and happy life.