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nathalie eleni

Makeup Masterclasses to enhance natural beauty and confidence

Having honed her skills over the last 15 years, Nathalie regularly attracts sought-after beauty contracts and works with the likes of Disney, Warner Brothers and Universal Pictures (to name a few) on their worldwide movie premieres with their leading actors and actresses. Nathalie has tended to the beautiful faces of many celebrities over the years, and is the go to make up artist and skin specialist for an impressive rosta of A list Actors and Actresses, travelling internationally.

Nathalie is had been the Beauty Editor of Country & Town House Magazine for almost 10 years, she is also a fully qualified advanced Facialist / Aesthetician and works with skin brands to help create skin protocols as well as working with men and women to to achieve a radiant complexion.

Nathalie is passionate about helping women feel confident and fabulous by teaching them her tips for make up application, skin secrets and how to be ‘GLOW GETTERS’ an affordable way, through her makeup mentorship program.