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Proactive Mindset For Fulfilling Life

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Natalie herself is a strong believer of personal development from a very young age. She believes that by continuously developing oneself, one can create own destiny and she is now living the life she dreamed of as a child; living overseas with a fulfilling career and a happy family. She is now working for her passion as a Positive Mindset Development Coach and a Thai Language Success Coach.

She believes that emotional intelligence and a positive entrepreneurial mindset are the keys to success and she always advocates the message through her life and career coaching programs.

In her long-term career as a People Development & HR manager, she has managed to help, coach and guide a lot of colleagues and candidates on their personal and professional development.

As a positive mindset development coach, she hopes to share what she has learned through her work and life experiences with others to help them work towards their self-actualization to be able to create opportunities for themselves for whatever goals that they are after so they can turn their dreams into reality.