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martijn rodijk

Health and Sports Expert

For years I improved, as Director Product Development, the lives of people in 12 countries in Europe and Latin America by enhancing their Internet and entertainment experience. I did that by designing and developing new concepts for Liberty Global - parent company, amongst others, of Virgin Media in the UK and Ziggo in the Netherlands serving nearly 30 million customers.

Two years ago, I decided to use my knowledge, skills and passion to increase the happiness of millions of people through better health and energy. I have always been into sports, but when I became father of twins, I was in shock when I read the labels of baby food. As a father you want the best for your kids, so I started a journey to study the effects of nutrition in our health and performance. More and more, it became clear to me that many modern deceases are caused by our poor eating, (lack off) exercise and bad breathing habits. That’s how njoyergy was born.

I strongly believe in the walk your talk principle. I ran a marathon while I never trained more than 13km, cycled up Alpe d’Huez 6 times on 1 day to raise money for cancer research, cycled the Marmotte, did an Olympic and half distance triathlon and became an Ironman (full distance triathlon) last summer. I use all I’ve learned through my performance to help others achieve their dreams.

Through my own sports activity I learned about a new way of training using personal heart rate and the importance of breathing in everyday life and recovery from training. I combined everything in method based on the latest scientific insights, which ensures fast yet sustainable results. The method works to bring athletes to the next performance level, but can also help people to gain energy, lose weight, prevent or recover from burn-out or diabetes type 2.

I also share my passion for what I do giving presentations, facilitating workshops and providing vitality and sports programs at companies, universities and individuals. My customers include KLM, ASR, Heineken, University of Utrecht, de Atleetfabriek, Vondelgym, Q Music, Rapha, Tony Chocolonely, Doctors Without Boundaries, Avance.