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Marta has been living in London since 2000. Born in Brazil, she graduated with a Diploma in Accountancy from College Goes Calmon in Brazil. She began her career in IT sales and also worked in Administration and IT for a large Brazilian law firm. Over twenty years, Marta has worked with small and large teams; helped Latin American entrepreneurs in the UK; assisted with small and large tendering projects and has developed strong purchasing and outsourcing skills.

Having personally witnessed the variety and complexity of the private and personal challenges that individuals need to commit to in pursuit of their ultimate life goals, Marta decided to study personal development coaching and is also taking a diploma in Business Studies to expand her knowledge and further assist her clients with their business life goals. In addition to her life coaching qualification, she also holds a CPD (Continuous Personal Development) qualification in Confidence Coaching, Financial Coaching, Mindfulness and Transactional Analysis Coaching.

Marta is a proud wife and mother with a unique passion for helping women in career transition and business owners to gain the clarity and confidence to make their dreams a reality.

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