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Step into your life purpose by unleashing your hidden potential.


Marlie was born in St. Charles, Missouri in 1987 and was a professional millennial and graduate who didn’t know own her worth and purpose. Instead of settling for a life that others told her she needed to live, she began to seek a deeper relationship with God. As she always knew she had a passion for helping others, she made the decision to retrain as a life coach.

By 2016, Marlie had left her corporate job at the American Optometric Association and, graduated with a Graduate Certification in Positive Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She founded Marlie Love Coaching, LLC during the same year, with a mission to help Christian, professional millennials like her to find their purpose in life.

As Marlie began living her purpose, she discovered there were five, distinct things she had done. This marked the creation of her five-step, purpose plan, which led to the release of her ebook and subsequent coaching programmes. Marlie’s plan has helped many people find their purpose and destiny.

Marlie is also the host and creator of the podcast “Purpose is for ALL”, where she interviews people from all walks of life on how they discovered their purpose and are fulfilling it. She is also a writer for the i-Worship magazine and her new book on forgiveness is due to be released in early 2018.

Marlie is married to her husband, Anthony and has two dogs, Boomer and Rocky. She loves travelling and enjoys living life to the fullest.

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