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maria matarelli

Professional Speaker, Certified Professional Coach, Business Consultant


Maria Matarelli's message brings inspiration and pure energy to audiences across the globe, with her inspiring talks and actionable techniques that she shares. She travels the world as a keynote speaker and has spoken at international events and conferences in Canada, Morocco, Sweden, the USA, Turkey and many other locations.

With over ten years' project management experience, Maria specialises in professional coaching, helping people and organisations to achieve their goals. She holds more than ten industry qualifications in coaching, facilitation and project management and provides consultancy services to various Fortune 100 companies, specialising in process improvements, business efficiencies and organisational change.

As a Certified Professional Coach, Maria has a genuine passion for helping her clients to identify their goals and determine how to achieve them. She formed the Rapid Business Development Group and Lifestyle Design Groups to help people reach their goals and achieve results that far exceed their own expectations.

Maria is also the co-founder of the Agile Marketing Academy, which provides a unique outlook on the marketing and sales processes. The Academy offers training on new, innovative ways of enhancing marketing systems within organisations to produce outstanding results in performance and customer satisfaction.

She is the published author of the book 'Workaholic? A 12-Step Guide to Having a Life and Getting Things Done' and has contributed to several other titles. She leads certification training classes for organisations throughout the world and has worked with virtual teams to coordinate international conferences in Cape Town, South Africa and throughout the USA.

As a self-confessed, recovering workaholic, Maria is now on a quest to get the most out of life! Originally living in Chicago, she achieved her lifelong ambition to break out of a nine-to-five job and has finally escaped the bitter, cold winters to migrate south for the winter to Florida. Maria is on a mission to end corporate slavery and aims to help other people realise their dreams in the same way.

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