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Prior to her work as a Life Strategist, Lorraine built a career in Human Resources, working for various, corporate companies in London, UK. She also owned and managed a successful, boutique, executive search and recruitment business, Inspired Careers, which specialised in placing PR professionals in agencies and corporate organisations.

Due to a series of challenges in her personal life, Lorraine became focused on living with purpose and embracing the true essence of who she really was. Today, she shares her compassion, coupled with professional experience, to help others to recognise the truth of who they really are. She particularly focuses on helping other coaches and therapists, using modern business solutions, along with astrology and numerology to identify their unique talents and gifts. This helps them to create attractive programmes and packages that cater to the clients they wish to serve, so that they can create practices that are profitable, rewarding and in complete synchronicity with their unique soul purpose.

Lorraine is also an experienced podcaster and presents a radio talk show called Unlock Your Soul, which aims to inspire the soul and help listeners to understand the adventure that we call life.

To find out more about Lorraine, visit www.lifestrategist.co.uk.