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Expected Business Struggles By Lisa Samuel

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How to overcome challenges and stay focused on your business goals.

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Lisa Samuel is a qualified Life Coach and the founder of ME1 Positive Personal Development Ltd. Primarily supporting young people from eleven to twenty-five years old in the Manchester area, Lisa is passionate about providing a quality service to individuals who want to invest in their lives and achieve their full potential. ME1 PPD Ltd runs regular workshops and programmes to provide coaching on all aspects of starting and managing a business.

As a mumpreneur, Lisa is all about motivating and empowering young people and adults to realise their dreams and achieve their goals. She has over thirteen years' experience in working with people from all walks of life, to turn their lives around, explore their own, unique gifts and talents and set achievable career goals.

By running both group workshops and one-to-one sessions, which focus on areas such as goal setting, action planning, talent and career matching, self-motivation, problem and conflict solving, Lisa aims to increase positive mindset attitudes and reduce negative thinking or behaviours, helping individuals to cope with life's challenges and maintain a happy, balanced lifestyle.

Lisa founded ME1 PPD Ltd in 2012. Prior to this, she graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Youth and Community Studies and later, achieved a Diploma in Life Coaching. She gained valuable business experience, working in several roles within the Legal, Education, Health and Travel and Leisure sectors, before becoming a Life Coach. Lisa has also undertaken considerable, voluntary work across Greater Manchester, supporting vulnerable families and children. She is highly experienced in working with people who have experienced issues with drug-taking, alcohol, sexual abuse, self-harming, mental illnesses, gang influences, identity and behavioural disorders.

Lisa currently lives in Manchester with her teenage daughter.

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Expected Business Struggles October 02nd, 2017
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