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Improve your health through changing your diet

Hi there!

I love living life and have a real passion for learning, music, dance, health, fitness, business and the beauty of this world. I am free-spirited and have a lot of variety in my life, I like to travel and aim to do something that fills me with passion every day.

Life is short and I believe we're all connected.

I have websites, write books and and hold seminars in the areas of both natural health and online business because I have spent the past 15 years researching and implementing these things and have concluded that:

1) Good health begins and ends with good diet and lifestyle - eating lots of alkaline and leafy green vegetables and fruits, cutting out dairy and meat (why would we eat an animal? Animals are our friends and meat is highly acidifying to our bodies...if you're wondering 'how would I get my protein?', it's ok - that's a rookie question, you get more than enough from raw fruits and veg, look at gorillas) and becoming savvy about avoiding GM and processed foods (they're everywhere these days, we need to be vigilant).

2) We are living in a time like never before, whereby using the internet, anyone can create digital products in an area of expertise and market and sell them online, potentially to the whole world. Couple this with the fact that the only way to make a real difference in the world, as well as becoming very wealthy is to be an entrepreneur, I encourage and give strategic advice to people who want to become business owners or grow their existing business and get their message out to the world.

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