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lathi dube

Bridge the gap between Identity and essence to live the life you want.

Lathi Dubi is a NLP Master Practitioner, coach, trainer and speaker who specialises in Identity. She has the unique ability to verbalise the various concepts of Identity that people experience. Lathi helps people to bridge the gap between Identity and essence and overcome fear, by equipping them with the tools they need to live an empowered life.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Lathi was a Child Ambassador for the United Nations from the age of thirteen, representing Zimbabwe and the UN World Children’s Festival. Her duties included attending seminars and debates and speaking in front of thousands of people about art, culture and social cohesion from a global and futuristic perspective.

As a teenager, Lathi also volunteered as a Student Representative at Musicamp Zimbabwe, where she was responsible for the student experience. Part of her role was to fill the spaces within music with memories that would create an unforgettable experience for sixty young campers. She was also a fundraiser for various causes within the small town where she lived in Zimbabwe, mainly helping vulnerable people, including widows, orphans and the blind, deaf and disabled.

In 2013, Lathi graduated from City, University of London with a BSc in Mathematics and Finance and became a Mathematics teacher. She went on to become Head of Science at Lionheart Education, a boutique, bespoke, one-on-one school, which is attached to the oldest and most prestigious education service in the world. She also worked as a private tutor, mentor and coach, specialising in bespoke, educational programs for perceived high achievers who were under performing.

In 2017, Lathi gained her qualification as a NLP Master Practitioner at the Academy of Coaching and Training. Later that year, she went on to form her own business, The Identity Dichotomy Ltd. Through her work with organisations and individual clients, Lathi is on a mission to change the way the world sees identity. She has helped some of her most high achieving clients to abandon fear and shift towards living a more purposeful and inspired life.

A competent public speaker, Lathi has spoken on many occasions to large, city audiences of over five hundred people. In her speaking engagements, she harnesses the power of her own, personal stories to take audiences on an incredible journey that not only touches their soul, but opens their eyes to a new way of seeing the world. She speaks about Identity, entrepreneurial engagement and empowerment and is passionate and devoted to the construction of Identity, who we are privately, our public persona and how we consolidate the two. She is fascinated by how Identity manifests itself in all the different strata and cultures in society.

For more information about Lathi, visit www.linkedin.com/in/lathi-dube-33193538.