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kwame badu

Improving people's lives through training and recruitment.


At KB Consultancy covers a range of products and service as listed below:

• Web Management & Design
• Lead Generation Via SEO, PPC + Google Ads
• Social Media Management
• Sales & Marketing
• Online & Direct sales optimisation
• Target Audience exposure
• Business Coaching
• e-Learning & class-based workshops
• Content Management and Creation

Kwame Badu is the founder and Business Consultant for KB Consultancy a company which provides an innovative approach to business growth through online/digital directives to increase company sales and profit margin. Kwame who previously run a successful recruitment company “Blueprint Recruitment” for 10 years has now pushed the customer support to new heights providing Vlogs and online workshops via YouTube, Teachable and of course Wealth Dragons. In addition to KB Consultancy, Kwame has put together platforms to provide insight to building a successful company and finding a harmonious balance with life (#Goals). Using strategic techniques and proven tactics Kwame has both the negative and positive experiences as a Director over 3 companies to date which he is excited to share. Gain insight via his many ‘How to’ formula’s available here on “wealthdragonsonline” where he provides a simple and direct way of achieving set life and business goals. For more information and classes visit, or search Kwame Badu on YouTube.