krusha patel Profile

In her career Krusha has gained experience within working in the finance industry as an accountant and has then transitioned into the construction industry. Her experience stem from working within a few large construction companies, where she was encouraged to take additional responsibilities due to her talent and thirst for learning and developing.

She has since gained a CITB construction qualification in site supervision and management and additional qualifications in construction and project management. She provides consultation and courses for health and safety on construction sites as well as accountancy advice and accountancy services predominantly for contractors, developers and sole traders within construction industry. Since a young age she has been very entrepreneurial, and currently runs her own consultancy and accounting service alongside her other business of property investment.

Her newfound fondness for the construction industry, she has also set out to help investors get educated. Helping them with their investments or construction plans and helping contractors and developers, with her contracting services in Health and Safety and Project Management.

She also has a view to move into development and construction herself. She is driven by a vision to be able to help solve the housing crisis by being able to build more homes the ever-growing population and demand. She would like to make her mark as a female within a predominately male dominated industry.

Krusha is also an author of her recently published book. INFJ: How to be happy, feeling misunderstood. Through her life experience dealing with personal mental health issues, and seeing family members suffer with mental illness. Krusha was encouraged to share her a vision to help those tackle mental health and in particular to suicidal tendencies, through her most recent book.

This was spurred on by her own experience through mental health. Whilst waiting for help she was put on a six-month waiting list to be seen to. She felt, that through her book would give everyone access to some help, without having to wait as long as six months. She has experience of personal life coaching for individuals going through these tough times and understands the importance of the mind and mindset.