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Kevin was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been a successful entrepreneur for over forty years. He started as a young entrepreneur in the early 1980s, when he invested $25,000 to launch Quantum International. This transformed into a $500 million per year business on the New York Stock Exchange and the stock price rose from $1 to $20 per share.

While watching television one night in 1984, Kevin noticed that sometimes the only thing on the screen were the colour test bars that stations ran when they had nothing else to air, thus giving him the idea to produce the industry’s first infomercial to fill that dead air space, which is what coined him the Inventor of the Infomercial.

Having sold his interest in Quantum, he formed a joint venture with the Home Shopping Network, which generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

Since then, Kevin has worked with hundreds of celebrities, such as Cee Lo Green, Paula Abdul, Montel Williams, Chubby Checker, Hulk Hogan and many more Entrepreneur Magazine has referred to him as ‘one of the top entrepreneurs of our time’. His enormous success led to him being hand-picked in 2009 to appear on ‘Shark Tank’, where he filmed over 175 segments.

Kevin’s influence has reached over 100 million people across the world, through his strong, multi-media presence and international speaking engagements. He is regarded as a prominent, business thought leader and is often featured and quoted in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, as well as on Fox Business USA Today, The Today Show, CNBC and more.

He is also a regular contributor to and has published acclaimed books, such as ‘Act Now! How I Turn Ideas into Million Dollar Products’ and the best seller, ‘Key Person of Influence’.

Kevin is a co-founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO), which has thousands of members and generates billions of dollars in member sales. He also founded the global direct-to-consumer organisation and trade show, the Electronics Retailers Association (ERA).

He currently operates a private consulting firm, where he works with companies to help increase their distribution; analyse electronics retailing opportunities; effectively market via digital and social media, TV, radio or print and source manufacturing. He has increased the value of several, public companies by up to ten times. Kevin provides his clients with the expertise and advice on how to navigate the constantly changing distribution and marketing outlets of today’s competitive business world.

He is married to Crystal and has two daughters, Kaitlyn and Megan.

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