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Born in Poland in 1980, educated as an ethnologist. Published two fiction books in Polish language and one in English (Losers: short stories, 2019, available on Amazon).
I like to keep my biography short (not that I do not have an interesting life), but I think more interesting is what I can offer. I will guide you through the basics of writing craft. If you are nominated to Nobel prize, you can also benefit from my materials, as firstly - we never stop to learn and secondly - I will share not only my wisdom, but knowledge of many writers, which books' excerpts I am going to present. This will accumulate in one place some powerful knowledge, which will help you to develop not only the writing craft but the Holy Graal of writing - your own style. I promise. One of the reasons I can keep my promise, is that you already have an individual way of writing.
One thing you will need to learn yourself - which is proper English grammar. I can help with the rest. Each week you will also get some mission to complete. Completing all the tasks will be not easy, but possible. I feel excited, starting this project! I also promise to complete all the tasks myself. This will be a true writers' journey! Welcome!