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karen gee

Inspiring people to be the best that they can be.


Karen's passion is people development. Through her business, Gee Development, she offers a range of coaching, workshops and presentations, which are all specifically designed to motivate and inspire people.

Prior to founding Gee Development, Karen spent thirty-four years working in a range of businesses and sectors. She has successfully managed various sized teams, consistently meeting challenging objectives across income, customer service, risk and people management.

While working as an area manager, Karen was responsible for over two hundred people, including thirteen retail managers. She has also worked as a Management Development Consultant for a major retail bank, where she facilitated an entire suite of workshops in the Retail Managers Development Programme, focusing on Soft Behaviour and Leadership Skills.

Karen is a qualified MBTI practitioner and a 'Coaching For Business' coach. This enables her to generate and develop MBTI profiles for her clients, both team-wide and on an individual basis. As well as MBTI coaching, Karen offers consultancy services for HR, Learning and Development and Business Development and is able to develop and deliver assessment centres for management recruitment and talent identification and development.

Motivational speaking is one of Karen's passions and she is known for delivering fun and engaging talks that inspire teams and give businesses the boost they need.

For more information about Karen, visit www.s631882596.websitehome.co.uk.