kaemorine prendergast Profile

Kaemorine Prendergast BSc (Hons), Dip Psych, PgCert Coaching, MSc is a qualified Business Psychologist and Accredited Executive Coach. She is member of the British Psychological Society and is trained in psychometric testing and several coaching approaches; adopting an integrated approach when working with her clients to help them clarify what they really want out of their careers, businesses and life.

Most of her professional life has been spent working with senior executives in the UK in areas of business such as banking, consultancy and digital telco as well as senior executives in the UAE; delivering leadership development, coaching, psychometric testing, assessments and training. Kaemorine has a real passion for using psychology to deliver exceptional results; and has worked with a range of clients including Vodafone, KPMG, The Shaw Trust, The Metropolitan Police, BNP Paribas Bank, Barclays Bank HQ, American Express, UBS Bank, and the NHS.

After working hard as a business psychologist for 9 years and not really enjoying corporate culture and commuting; Kaemorine realised she was unhappy professionally and wanted more out of life. She had been running her mobile hair and beauty business concurrently part time for 8 years, whilst working as a business psychologist and executive coach; as well as attending to her parental needs (Kaemorine is a single parent). After having a really bad experience for two years in a role where she was deeply unhappy and had to tone down her true self, ‘ to conform to corporate culture; Kaemorine quit her job and decided to work freelance so she would have more balance, freedom and flexibility. She had a passion for helping people to be their best version of themselves and wanted to be able to combine her skills and knowledge as a psychologist with her knowledge and skills as a beauty professional to help people be more happy and authentic in their careers, businesses and lives.

Kaemorine started coaching professional women to create awareness of what makes them passionate, their career/business goals, and developmental needs; using a combination of coaching and psychometric techniques to achieve success in their careers and businesses. She noticed that a lot of these women were unhappy because they felt they couldn’t be there true authentic self at work, which was having an impact on job performance and their psychological well-being; something which Kaemorine could really relate to, having experienced this herself.

She tailored her coaching approach, focusing on incorporating coaching tools with psychological health advice to help her clients to become more of their authentic self at work and in their careers and businesses.

Kaemorine aims to help clients to be happier by truly understanding what they want, clarifying their goals; and using this new awareness to be more of their true authentic selves in their careers and businesses.