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Born from an ordinary family in the Netherlands in Amsterdam with the most loving parents I quickly realized I needed challenges that my parents could not give. At around 12 years old I heard my parents having a big discussion about financials. They where 3 months behind of payments and especially the mortgage. This was a big concern and I could already see my parents, my foster brothers and myself living on the streets. This was so traumatic that I decided that one day i don't have to look a the pricing tags and labels ever again.

I had chalanges going through school as it was holding me back but I pushed through and eventually started working fulltime while I still had to finish my school. My mentor believed in me so he arranged a way to get my diploma anyways and my employer was happy to facilitate.

Hence I started out in the IT business to make use of my lightning speed analytical mind. I've been working for over 12 years in the IT industry with a mission to give people the freedom to work where they see fit. I started working with Microsoft Products thatI have been involved in the major league of my workspace and have been working and traveling all around the world. But it did not bring me happiness. I needed a new mission. A mission that included my daughter and Son. That mission is now to break the pattern of my ancestors and provide my kids with the advantage I never had. A father that wants to know everything about being the best and most powerful version you are destined to be.

I have started this mission without me knowing in 2011 when I started to develop myself to an Trusted adviser for my customers. I learned to take the extra mile after the extra mile to truly understand the customer needs and how I could help them. This seriously impacted my career because now I was able to "Communicate". Remember I was a typical IT guy and communication was always a challenge. In 2013 I started working for my own because I could not work for a boss any longer. This was a quantum leap in finances as I was not generating more than 10K a month easily. I can describe the IT world for the sake of argument in 2 words: Hard and Money. I started noticing that I could achieve great things in this world but i also found it costs a lot of energy. In the search to improve myself I started asking questions.

The money earned and the motivation to improve myself allowed me to step into my NLP journey. I booked the practitioner and the MASTER (on IBIZA) in 1 go and so my journey began on the 16th of September 2016. On that day I noticed how freaking amazing it would be to do this work! I praised the trainers for what was to come and I realized this was only the first morning of the journey, just starting up the process!

Ellen was one of the trainers and she said to me... Why don't you work towards NLP trainer? It sounds like something perfectly tailored to you! Little did I know how that seed started growing. This suggestion was something that I could neglect and forget. But I watered it and it never started growing. (it stil grows!) After a true revelation on Ibiza during my NLP Master (2017) course I decided to change everything in my life. I still go back to Ibiza every year to a special place that I have anchored to this revelation and still listen to a Ibiza Song that gives meaning to the words: "Lets get lost and free, so come with me"

I made the hardest decisions that year, realizing they where overdue because I wasn't listening. I took the leap of faith and I jumped over the edge. It where 2 long and tough years where I had to take several long hard looks in the dept of my soul. I started my NLP Trainers Journey back in 2018 as I figured that growth comes with confrontation and what better confrontation is there to stand before a group and share your hearth out loud for the purpose of teaching.

In addition I started to venture in 2nd generation NLP like approaches like MBIT and ACT to explore additional tools and mind. I have applied the same innovation mindset, intuition and skills I picked up in the IT business to personal development and realized that those are a very good fit!

I have ever since implemented NLP every single day and continued to improve every day in order to facilitate to become the true version of what I am destined to be.

So what are you waiting for? Lets be Lost and Free.