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showing people the art of cooking and how rewarding it is when you cook your own recipes

Joao was born in the north of Portugal, he grew up in a village on the outskirts of Guimaraes that values the farming culture and understands the importance of fresh local produce. from a very young age he was helping his grandparents on the daily activities of the farm. he gives lot off credit to his mother for exposing him to rich flavors and a variety of regional food.

Inspired by his dad he always wanted to explore different places meet people and their culture, in 2005 he came to England where he study catering and hospitality that's where he found the passion for cooking.

After ten years of hard working , Joao decided that he no longer wished to work to simply line his employer’s pockets and began investing in his won abilities and beliefs so he can share with everyone.

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Cooking Health Nice fine dinning food

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Level Cooking
Level Cooking