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How To Get A Millionaire Memory By Jim Kwik

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How To Get A Millionaire Memory

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Jim Kwik is a world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, and brain performance. Jim is the CEO and founder of Kwik Learning, a leader of teaching accelerated learning with students from over 150 countries. If you want to unlock your brain so you too can learn faster, retain more and forget less, than prepare for Jim Kwik’s techniques to transform your brain!

Before he was known as an expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, and brain performance Jim was known as the boy with a broken brain. At age five, Jim suffered a head injury that left him with severe learning challenges that affected him throughout his schooling. As he struggled to keep up with the challenge’s college through at him, Jim’s health suffered as he struggled to keep up with his fellow students and he collapsed and suffered a second brain injury.

It was only as he recovered from this injury in a hospital bed that he had an epiphany. His entire education had focused on telling him what to learn but never once had shown him how to learn.

From this moment, Jim strived to unlock how the human brain worked which lead to the creation of his strategies that dramatically enhanced his mental performance. Having helped himself transform his life, Jim went on to teach his strategies to other students unlock their brains full potential and this became his life’s mission. To help others unlock their brains so that they too could learn faster, retain more, and forget less information.

For the last 25+ years, Jim Kwik has dedicated his life to helping others unlock their minds so that they can learn faster and live a life of greater productivity and purpose. Jim’s cutting-edge techniques has gained the attention of the world’s greatest thinkers. From working with companies such as Nike, Harvard, SpaceX, and Virgin to helping the cast of the X-Men films learn the techniques to help them learn and retain their lines quicker. His experience has shown that no matter your age, background or education that anyone can use his techniques to transform their lives.

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