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jermaine harris

Empowerment Speaker, Business Team Trainer, Author and Firewalk Instructor


It took a major car accident, and then one year later nearly having his leg amputated, to turn Jermaine’s life around. Prior to this, Jermaine lived a destructive lifestyle of excessive drinking, gambling and womanising and was £30,000 in debt.

When he was cut from the wreckage of his car, he thought he would never walk again. But it was a football accident, a year later, that finally convinced him to turn his life around.

Since then, Jermaine, who has a Sports Psychology BSc (Hons) and MSc (Dist), has read over three hundred self-help books in the space of four years and made a conscious effort to change his life. He cleared his debts; lost a stone of body fat; put on ten pounds of muscle; cured himself of asthma; ran marathons; started his business; became a published author of the book ‘The Rut Buster: The Secrets to Taking Control of your Body, Money, Career and Life’; met the woman of his dreams and is now a father.

He now works as an Empowerment Speaker and Trainer coach, helping clients to improve their lives and businesses. Jermaine is the founder of ‘The Empowered Results Programme’ and also a keen fundraiser of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, due to his son being diagnosed with the condition in 2015.

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