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hilary rose

aim is to influence and encourage direct inspire motivate and support ones self
Categories:Mind and Spirit, Mindset and Love

Hilary Rose offers three areas of expertise of which are tips, advice and encouragement. Hilary wants to inspire, influence and encourage young and old, children and adults to motivate themselves. Hilary will show you how to use the advice, tips given to improve your wellbeing and build confidence. Hilary values herself as keep a goer, never forgive upper, keep motivator.
Hilary is a kidney patient and has been since 2007. Hilary had a kidney transplant that failed, although disappointed Hilary has come to terms with the big change in her life and I wanted to live life as normal as possible, what Hilary means is without too much restrictions. I do self-care dialysis at home, nocturnal dialysis 5 days a week. It means more freedom and gives more purpose to my life. This change in Hilary’s health has given her the motivation to keep going, to never give up, to make the best in life and to close the gap and live life to the fullest.
Hilary always wants joy, love, peace and happiness, kindness to shine through all things she does. I love alternative and holistic treatments. Hilary’s moto is for people to” Keep Strong – Live Long and Be Happy”
Hilary values are honesty, caring and sharing, working together and to excellence. Hilary has always given tips and advice to friends and family to use her knowledge and experience with others.
Hilary is always keen to help people to success through direction, influence, and determination.