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A master at taking leaders to the next level
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Born in Jalandhar, Punjab, Harry grew up in the East End of London and left home at the age of fifteen, following years of domestic violence. He began his professional career as a teenager and is committed to inspiring individuals and communities through his Light Up Your Life seminars, where he shares tools and systems to help people transform their most traumatic life events into positive experiences that can be used to improve their lives.

Harry is the founder of the Youth Coaching Academy Global, the world's leading training company for the youth sector and has trained over half a million young people and adults from over forty countries. He is widely recognised as a forerunner in the Youth Leadership field and has been actively involved in creating and facilitating some of the world's most prestigious youth programmes.

Affectionately known as 'Mr Youth Leadership', his powerful delivery style, inspirational personality and humour are welcomed by all who hear him speak.

To find out more about Harry, visit www.harrysingha.com.