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Make the impossible possible!


Gosia's passion is helping people to discover what makes them unique and regain control over their own lives, so they can achieve their goals and life purpose. She provides clarity and comfort to her clients in times of confusion as, using the power of the heart and the mind, she turns seemingly insurmountable difficulties into the seeds of a more positive and life-altering journey.

She helps people to recognise and release emotional and mental blocks making the impossible possible. By helping her clients to let go of fear, trust their inner wisdom and achieve clarity about the choices they make and their life's direction, she sets them firmly on the road to fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

A former Toastmasters' president, Gosia has over fifteen years' experience of running workshops and public speaking. She has also written a book, entitled 'The Expansion Game', which introduces a powerful method of the same name that Gosia personally uses with her clients to help free them from the fear of failure, not being good enough and being judged. This amazing technique has already helped thousands of people to live more fully and expansively.

Aside from running her coaching business, Gosia works for Breast Cancer Haven, a national charity that offers free emotional, physical and practical support. Through this work, she has helped many women suffering from breast cancer to bring peace, clarity and self-love into their healing journey.

To find out more about Gosia, visit www.gosiagorna.com.