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Estelle came from humble beginnings, growing up on a council estate. During her teenage years, she had always been somewhat spiritual and believed in the power of the Universe. She held special healing and mediumship events in her local area and was considered by local psychics to have ‘a gift’.

At the age of eighteen, Estelle fell in love and quickly became pregnant with her first son, Kyrese. She and her partner went on to have a second son, Zion, and lived a stable life until their relationship ended when Estelle was twenty-three. At this point, she was on benefits, with no real focus or goals, and this downward spiral continued for a further three years, until she reached her lowest point.

However, deep down, Estelle still had some sort of belief system in place. She studied the work of Bob Procter and, one day, while watching the movie ‘The Secret’, she discovered gratitude stones. Estelle then experienced a spiritual awakening and, when her sons gave her a crystal which they declared held her love for her, she embarked on a mission to prove to herself that the Universe was guiding her.

Estelle started to think about what she could do to make a difference to the world around her. She started talking to people about Universal laws, quantum physics and spirituality and gained her first client, who was eager to learn from her.

Within five months, Estelle had built a reasonably-sized coaching practice. She earned some relevant qualifications and then decided to take her business online. Having met someone whose company specialised in marketing, she made a deal with them to trade service for service. This decision would later enable her transition from naïve business owner to experienced expert in her field.

Despite doing everything ‘by the book’, every project Estelle undertook failed miserably, so she made the decision to cut all ties with the marketing company. At this point, Estelle’s coaching practice was running smoothly but her online business was a shambles. Realising she hadn’t stayed true to her vision, Estelle revamped her dreams, deleted her old website and claimed back the power of her business. Ideas began to flow, she rebranded her online business and created new courses. Her first private course attracted over seven hundred students in one day. After three days, she had over 2,000 students and had brought in over $42,000!

Estelle still runs her coaching practice, which is in high demand and often has a waiting list. She teaches people in over 160 countries and has several private and public courses running on online, educational platforms, one of which was branded the highest-rated course on mindset and business.

A firm believer in the Law of Attraction, Estelle lives by everything she teaches. She has also taught her two sons to apply her teachings to their lives - both are professional footballers for UK premier and championship leagues.

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