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eli wilde

Influence and Persuasion Expert

I never set out to be an expert in sales and influence, but I’ve always been fascinated with why people do the things they do.

I come from humble beginnings to say the least, and even back then I was deeply curious about where people end up in life and why they end up there. They say that pressure creates diamonds, but when it comes to personal transformation of the human kind, I believe it takes the perfect mix of both external pressure and internal drive.

Speaking and influencing others is not something that came naturally to me. I was voted the quietest person in my high school, and it was almost impossible to get me to speak as a child. (I make up for that now though!)

In solitude I was able to develop a sensory acuity that allowed me to see and feel in what was happening behind a person’s words. I experienced a lot in my childhood; some experiences were beautiful, while others were pretty dark. All of these experiences, both the positive and the negative, put me on a path to understanding human behaviour.

As I got older, my understanding deepened, but understanding alone is not enough to get ahead. There were many times I knew what I needed to do but couldn’t get myself to take action. In my search for mastery I came across the work of Tony Robbins, and I was able to discover so much more about why we do what we do and also how to make positive changes in human behaviour and emotional states.

I ended up working as an outside sales representative and trainer for Tony Robbins for the better part of a decade. I didn’t just want to sell tickets to his events though; I truly wanted to change the world by exposing people to this man and the transformations I saw him make in people’s lives.

As a salesperson in the company, I was selling the same product at the same price point with the (almost) same script as everyone else. Yet, my sales were 2-5 times higher than others on the team. In fact, in 2010 I only worked half the week and spent the other half in bed or in hospital due to an illness. By the end of the year, I was still the top performing sales rep and trainer, and I went on to become one of the top salespeople in the personal development industry. Tony even created an award based on my performance.

As a master coach and mentor myself now, I consistently ask myself what exactly I do differently to have catapulted to the forefront of an industry. That question gave birth to Wilde Influence and the site you are on today. I’ve been able to turn my own emotional dirt into diamonds and now I help others do the same so they can make more money, create a bigger impact in the world, and have a lot of fun in the process.

I look forward to serving you.