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elena cardone

Yes, you can have it all.


Elena currently hosts a podcast show called ‘Women in Power,’ which inspires women on the topics of health, business, relationships and much more. She also co-hosts with her husband on the 'G and E Show.’

Elena has become known for being the brain powerhouse behind Cardone Capital. Elena is the fuel behind the ideas and the architect behind the empire and passes Grant the bricks to build a tall tower, upon a strong foundation. Elena has inspired followers to create their own empires and live a life that is truly fulfilling and extravagant. Elena speaks around the world, spreading her mission to women about building their own empires and living life to the fullest for yourself and the family. She admits there’s never a time when everything is totally balanced. It’s about spotting what needs the attention the most.

Always sharing her aspirations and limitless desire for success with her husband, she is the visionary behind many of Grant’s enterprise ventures. What makes the relationship extra solid and powerful is that both have experienced tragedies and setbacks and have overcome these difficulties, they use their pain as fuel and have come up on top.

If Elena had her last message to the world, she would love to have made a difference for the better. If someone felt touched enough for them to release the greatness within them, that is her gift of contribution to mankind.

For more information about Elena, visit elenacardone.com.